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ATSA Objectives

1. Advance the public interest in the provision of AT, that contributes and supports the Australian society through funding and promotion of;

  • AT research
  • Education
  • AT supply ‘Best practice’
  • Community accessible AT events

2. To give our industry a voice that;

  • Has a positive influence on Government policy through a representative, unified approach
  • Educates Governments and other stakeholders about our industry
  • Promotes a robust, competitive and commercially viable marketplace

3. To improve the quality of equipment provision by;

  • Supporting the ongoing training and education of allied health practitioners
  • Promoting ethical business practices that safeguard the interests of the end user
  • Participating in the development of appropriate and cost effective product standards

4. To develop alliances with all industry stakeholders to;

  • Drive continued improvement in outcomes for end users
  • Minimise the total lifetime costs of equipment
  • Ensure an open, fair and competitive market