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ATSA strives to promote and support people who need access to safe and affordable AT. The following resources and publications represent some of the work available to assist in achieving these goals.

ATSA Newsletters

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Click here to download Assistive Technology for All (ATFA) The Australian Assistive Technology Equity Studies: Improving access to assistive technology for people with disability who are not eligible for the NDIS

Click here to download NDIS presentation –  Mid Cost AT Streamlining

Click here to download NDIS presentation –  Early Childhood Assistive Technology Approach, Assistive Technology Suppliers Workshop – Working together

Click here to download ATSA Code of Practice

Click here to download Uniform Recall Procedure for Therapeutic Goods (URPTG) Version 2.3


Click here to download ATSA’s response on Regional, rural and remote questions to Department of Health Support at Home team
Click here to download ATSA’s response to Assistive Technologies and Home Modifications Scheme February 2023
Click here to download ATSA’s Response to NDIS Review Consultation December 2022
Click here to download Industry Joint Statement Business integrity and
legal requirements in the Assistive Technology sector
Click here to download ATSA consutation input paper  – GEAT Support at Home September 2022

Click here to download ATSA Second Hand AT position paper March 2022

Click here to download ATSA Commissions and Rebates policy

Click here to download ATSA gift policy and statement of ethics

Click here to download factsheet on GST and Assistive Technology

Click here to download  ATSA Assistive Technology Pricing: Is it fair and reasonable? Briefing Paper

Click here to download ATSA Assistive Technology Pricing Background Paper

Click here to download ATSA Assistive Technology in Australia Briefing Paper

Click here to download Providing Assistive Technology in the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Click here to download Queensland Competition Authority’s Final Report
Price Disparities for Disability Aids and Equipment February 2014

Click here for CSIRO Publishing: Assistive technology pricing in Australia: is it efficient and equitable?

2022 ATSA Expo Presentations

Strengthening participant outcomes from AT under the NDIS – Presented by Dr Lloyd Walker, Director, AT Market Policy and Innovation

Download Presentation (Current as of 05 May 2022 – please see the NDIS Website for the latest information)


Standing Precautions – Rachel Maher, Clinical Educator, Permobil APAC

Download Presentation

Spasticity Management, The Next Generation – Edward Levy, Otto Bock, June 2022

Download Presentation

Making A Success Of Custom Moulded Seating – Kate Pain, GTK

Download Presentation

Multisensorial stimulation in avertical standing for visuallyimpaired kids with CP – Martino Avellis PT
Education Manager, Ormesa srl – Italy

Download Presentation

Wheel Story – The impact of wheels and tires on manual wheelchair propulsion efficiency – David Fagan, Paragon Mobility

Download Presentation

Optimising a wheelchair – using the technology to ensure ongoing success – David Fagan, Paragon Mobility

Download Presentation

Electric Wheelchairs and mobility scooters: the good, the bad and the ugly – Dr Theresa Harada, University of Wollongong

Download Presentation

A new way of living, Harnessing ILO to Achieve Choice and Control – Laura O’Reilly, Co-Founder and Co-CEO Hireup

Download Presentation

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