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What quality guidelines exist for Assistive Technology service provision?  
Calling for input and knowledge from the AT sector: March 2023

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The Global Alliance of Assistive Technology Organizations (GAATO) are conducting a Rapid Scoping Review of guidelines for quality AT service provision. This is being done in collaboration with Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub) and the AT2030 program, and in liaison with the World Health Organisation. This work will contribute to the development process of WHO Guidelines on the Provision of Assistive Technology.

What is needed?

As well as reviewing the scientific literature, the team at GAATO are seeking your expert advice and knowledge about assistive technology guidelines. These might be within reports, policy documents and/or scientific publications.

Are there key guidelines that are used by your organisation and/ or in your country for specific assistive products/ assistive technology? Do different personnel use specific guidelines about AT? Are these guidelines published, available on a website, or able to be shared?

Project Purpose

The definition of ‘Assistive technology’ includes both assistive products and the services or actions necessary for safe and effective provision of the assistive products to people who need them. International standards and product specifications exist for assistive products. However, no widely useable and accepted AT service standards or guidelines exist.  Given the huge need for assistive technology, the variety of service delivery models across different countries, and the shortage of professionals in this field, it is important to develop globally useable guidance. The topic of AT service delivery quality has been studied and documented over decades, often by GAATO members, with consortia of experts documenting ‘what good looks like’. It is time to bring this a step further by developing globally applicable AT provision guidelines. This is in line with the intention of the World Health Assembly Resolution 71.8 on improving access to assistive technology (WHO, 2018).    

This project is part of AT2030, a programme funded by UK Aid and led by the Global Disability Innovation Hub.

With thanks from the research team
Dr Natasha Layton (Australia), Dr Alice Spann (Austria), Dr Mehedi Khan (Japan),  Ms Silvana Contepomi (Argentina), Mr Evert Jan Hoogerwerf (Italy) and  Prof Luc de Witte (Netherlands)

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