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Time to ensure that you have reviewed your support structures for your staff and client safety and have in place suitable controls in place to deal with your workplace hazards, including COVID-19.

ATSA members should already have in place good risk management systems to protect their staff and clients. At this time of COVID-19 it is wise to review your systems and processes to ensure they are suitable for the current set of circumstances.

This should not be considered as a burden but good business practice to test and check you have the right support structures in place and to ensure you have identified, assessed and have suitable controls in place to deal with your workplace hazards.

It is also very important not to disregard the mental health at this time, so ensure you consider this risk and have a plan in place.

For detailed information on risk management visit Safe Work Australia.

This site has all you need to review your work practices and ensure that you, your staff and clients are protected. ATSA encourages you to utilise this great resource that has codes, guides, reports case studies, videos, seminars and podcasts.

The NDIS has a free training model available about the Infection prevention and control for COVID-19, this will require registration.