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C-Pen Reader 2

Scanning Pens Stand, Perth

The C-Pen ReaderPen is used extensively in schools and by healthcare professionals across Australia. The smart pen scans printed text and converts the text to speech, reading the words out to the user. The pens are useful in three main areas:

  • For those with reading difficulties such as dyslexia, autism, ADHD, processing issues etc
  • For those with a low reading or literacy level or
  • For EAL students whose first language is not English

The pens encourage reluctant readers to read and can boost self-confidence and reduce stress & reading anxiety.

Donatello Plus Lift Recliner (Alivio)

K Care Stand, Melbourne & Perth

The Donatello Plus Lift Recliner has been designed for home use and to improve the lives of people that may have mobility, postural support, pressure distribution, and general pain and discomfort issues.

The Donatello Plus is packed with features, including: Zero Gravity (tilt in space); Shiatsu Massage; Heated Seat; Lift and Tilt; Postural supports; Soft touch controller; Wireless Phone Charger; Drinks holder and Airline Style Head Support.

KandoKutter Safe Knife

KiddiKutter Stand, Perth

Adult Safe Knife. Cut, chop and slice safely with KandoKutter Finally! The world’s first adult safe knife is available.

KandoKutter is designed for adults and teens with special needs to make prepping food easier and more enjoyable. Features rounded serrations that effectively cut through food, not skin. The unique patented blade works using a sawing motion that maintains contact with the food’s surface, taking away the risk of cuts. Made from a high- quality stainless-steel blade that’s designed to last for years, with an attractive wood handle that’s easy to hold, KandoKutter enhances independence and self-confidence.

Kera Sit2sit Hoist

Aidacare Stand, Melbourne & Perth

The Kera sit2sit is a revolutionary new type of hoist that empowers a single caregiver to be able to transfer a person, who has no standing strength or ability to hold on, quickly and safely between seated positions. It is providing a safer alternative to a sit-to-stand hoist and can delay the progression to using a sling hoist.

These outcomes have had life- changing effects for clients, allowing them to stay in their own homes, save time and energy and reduce the risk of injury in their day-to-day transfers.

Klaxon Twist Power Assist

APEX Mobility Stand, Melbourne & Perth

A game-changer, the Klaxon Twist, is an innovative power-assist device for manual wheelchairs.

Due to its unique, compact design, the Twist can be mounted out the front of the wheelchair, or underneath, to give drive from the rear.

Twist is the compact, multi-function propulsion system that you need: a small wheel with an electric motor and a battery. Lightweight and manoeuvrable, Twist is designed to accompany you on every journey.

PDG Fuze Take-Apart Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair

Linds Rehabilitation, Melbourne & Perth

Take-Apart is an optional frame upgrade that allows the wheelchair to be taken apart for easy transportation or storage. Disassembly and reassembly take seconds and is completely tool-free. This feature reduces the weight of the heaviest piece of the wheelchair to 13kg or less. Independent power wheelchair users can consider adding power assist wheels to this manual option, providing a transportable, powered tilting option with a total weight under 100kgs. The Fuze Take-Apart is perfect for transporting in the boot of a car or SUV. This take-apart tilt system puts travelling in an airplane back on the travel itinerary.

Quantum TB4

Pride Mobility Products Australia, Melbourne and Perth

The TRU-Balance® 4 Power Positioning Seating System has been designed to truly meet the needs of users. In addition to a full complement of stand power positioning functions, including power tilt, power recline, iLevel and power AFP, the TRU-Balance® 4 Power Positioning system provides 0 –30 degrees of power anterior tilt. A common challenge for many power wheelchair users is finding a safe way to tilt their bodies forward when trying to reach something. TRU-Balance® 4 provides users with optimal access to perform activities of daily living. In addition, the dual actuator Articulating Foot Platform (AFP) can be lowered to the ground to assist with transfers. Therefore, allowing users the ability to maintain their independence at home and in the community to retain autonomy in their lives without the additional need for support staff. To further complement the new TB4 seating system, an easily programable memory seating function is included to provide optimum seating needs throughout the day. The TRU- Balance® 4 Power Positioning Seating System is now available in Australia from all Authorised Quantum Rehab Providers.


Motum Stand, Perth

The SIMO is an innovative mobility simulator that has been designed to measure, validate and improve the sitting posture when scripting a manual wheelchair. It gives the user an opportunity to compare and contrast minor tweaks to positioning, facilitating a perfect fit and providing the potential to try before you buy on what would have previously been a completely custom chair.

By simulating a virtual city environment, users are able to test their wheelchair and its performance.

There is in-built potential to automatically adjust: Seat width; Seat depth; Seat height (front and rear); Tilt; Backrest height and angle; Footrest height (front and rear); Overall frame length; Centre of gravity

The SIMO then measures each hand propulsion assessing the effectiveness of each wheel spin – this enables identification of the optimal sitting position to achieve more speed, more power and ultimately, more freedom.

Scout Mobility Warrior Powered Hockey Wheelchair

Wild West Wheelchairs Stand, Perth

The Scout Mobility Warrior is the first Powered Hockey Sports Wheelchair on the Australian market. The custom built Warrior Sport Wheelchair is designed for indoor sport use only. It is a high performance wheelchair and requires sufficient physical and cognitive capabilities from the user. The Warrior has a top speed of 15km/h, handcrafted safety features, and modular adaptable features for every ability.

The Warrior is able to be controlled by a joystick, head array, breath tube, and numerous other ways. Athletes with limited mobility are able to play without a hockey stick, instead using a “”T-Bar”” or “”T-Stick”” to control the ball with their chairs. Seat width and depth, and backrest width and height, are easily adjusted, as well as seat height, backrest angle, footplate height and angle, and guard depth. This makes a single Warrior chair able to be used by multiple athletes.

VivaPlus Seat Walker

Unicare Health Stand, Perth

A stylish plus-size walker with an emphasis on style.

The Viva Seat Walker by Unicare offers a patented depth-adjustable backrest, push button height adjustable handles, a wide padded seat, and a shiny metallic finish. The Viva is available in Rose Gold for a touch of class and Meteor gray for a glaze of sophisticated luxury. It is the most feature-packed, refined rollator Unicare has ever produced. These unique features and more, have made the Viva a game-changer and trendsetter in the mobility aid market.

With an emphasis on style, the VivaPlus is set to lead a new generation of mobility aids for our plus-size population that balances clinical characteristics with modern lifestyle features.

Wonderseat by Spex

Medifab Stand, Melbourne & Perth

Wonderseat is more than just a paediatric seating system. It’s a window to a world of fresh and exciting opportunities; a symbol of fun, a promise of adventure and a vehicle for personal expression and empowerment. Putting the fun into function.

The Wonderseat family consists of a range of paediatric wheelchair seating systems created specifically to provide children with the ultimate support.

From packaging to product finishings, Wonderseat is as uplifting as it is supportive!

Ziggy by Luddi

Luddi Stand, Melbourne & Perth

Introducing the ground-breaking Ziggy, the world’s first sexual wellness device for all bodies. Invented by Luddi, the Ziggy boasts an array of unique features that make it the most accessible and inclusive sexual wellness device ever created.

Designed with vision impairments in mind, the Ziggy features high- contrast colors and braille, making it easy to use for those with limited vision. Its unique shape and design have been crafted with wheelchair users and individuals with low- functioning upper limb/hand use or single-hand use in mind, allowing for effortless use and maximum comfort.

With a long battery life of up to 3 months and magnetic features that facilitate easy wireless charging, the Ziggy product provides a versatile range of uses for both individuals who possess a penis and those who do not. Able-bodied individuals will also love the user-friendly features, making the Ziggy the perfect solution for anyone seeking uncomplicated sexual wellness.

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